Joyful Animal Books

A beautiful cat climbed fences and dodged screaming kids to enter the library seven times on a cold February day. Three months later she needed a home – and was pregnant. So we are a cat family now, drawn to all things feline. Around that same time, I found Dianna Wilson Sirkovsky’s book, James’ ReadingContinue reading “Joyful Animal Books”

Optimistic Favorites

This week we received happy news at school. Teachers are now allowed to check out books for classroom use. Whoo hoo! Tangible books can be circulated again! That’s one step closer to storytime and reading with students! As I have helped kids of multiple ages with Zoom classes and assignments, the underlining frustration they haveContinue reading “Optimistic Favorites”

I can’t wait until…

How often do we hear that?  “I can’t wait until…” followed by an upcoming event that is going to make everything better. Instead of waiting for future happiness, let’s follow the advice of Julie Berry in Happy Right Now.  What would life be like if we didn’t procrastinate joy?   The book begins with a young girl claiming she will beContinue reading “I can’t wait until…”